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Why fighting for marriage is the wrong struggle

November 22, 2008

In our 24 November 2008 show, we talk with a law professor who believes that legal recognition of marriage, gay or straight, privileges one type of relationship over many others.

See: Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage

Why one wants to copy straight marriage, especially with a huge divorce rate, is beyond me. It definitely was not what we in gay liberation days fought for. To seek gay marriage is a conservative goal, not a liberationist one.

See historian and U of Chicago Prof. John D’Emilio’s essay against gay marriage: The Marriage Fight Is Setting Us Back, published in The Gay & Lesbian Review (November-December 2006).

Also, listen to our discussion on the previous Subversity show with UC Riverside ethnic studies Prof. Dylan Rodriguez on the difference between a liberation movement and a rights movement (near end of audio): mp3.

See also how gay people were told to marry in Boston or lose their health benefits that they were entitled to under domestic partnerships after the state legalized gay marriage: Gay groups say domestic partnerships must be preserved.


Immigrant Lives Past and Present

November 10, 2008

Immigration wasn’t much addressed during the presidential campaigns but with Barack Obama now headed to the White House, I’m sure we’ll be hearing more, especially about his relative who faces deportation.  In addition, his just named White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, has been the target of numerous immigration rights protesters, for his anti-immigrant positions. More immigrants were deported this year than last, see the Subversity November 10, 2008 show notice: Immigrant Lives Past and Present. The audio of the show is here: mp3.

Immigrant Lives in the 'OC' & Beyond Exhibit.

Kudos to KUCI and Subversity

October 13, 2008

OC Weekly, in its “Best of OC” edition (10-16 October 2008, p.25), has named KUCI as the best radio station. It cites this program, Subversity, as well as Privacy Piracy, another KUCI public affairs program, in its description. Excerpt: “And God bless KUCI for being one of the more interesting college radio stations in the country. Boasting an eclectic programming schedule, KUCI will satisfy your jones for talk and music, with long-running programs such as Dan Tsang’s Subversity and Mari Frank’s Privacy Piracy butting up against a frequently alternating schedule of student-programmed music shows.” URL: