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Why fighting for marriage is the wrong struggle

November 22, 2008

In our 24 November 2008 show, we talk with a law professor who believes that legal recognition of marriage, gay or straight, privileges one type of relationship over many others.

See: Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage

Why one wants to copy straight marriage, especially with a huge divorce rate, is beyond me. It definitely was not what we in gay liberation days fought for. To seek gay marriage is a conservative goal, not a liberationist one.

See historian and U of Chicago Prof. John D’Emilio’s essay against gay marriage: The Marriage Fight Is Setting Us Back, published in The Gay & Lesbian Review (November-December 2006).

Also, listen to our discussion on the previous Subversity show with UC Riverside ethnic studies Prof. Dylan Rodriguez on the difference between a liberation movement and a rights movement (near end of audio): mp3.

See also how gay people were told to marry in Boston or lose their health benefits that they were entitled to under domestic partnerships after the state legalized gay marriage: Gay groups say domestic partnerships must be preserved.