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Subversity Podcasts on iTunes

March 17, 2009

Good news: Subversity podcasts are now available as free downloads at
the iTunes Store:

If you are using a PC and do not yet have iTunes installed, the link
will take you to a site for downloading the
application.  Mac users will get to the iTunes Subversity library
directly.  You can “subscribe” (free) to podcasts.

Alternatively, as before, Subversity podcasts are available here:

Our mp3 archive (2005- ) is here:

[The show went in hiatus from fall 2003-summer 2005, resuming in Fall, 2005]

and an earlier RealAudio archive (1998-2003) here:

Daniel C. Tsang
Host, “Subversity” on KUCI
88.9 FM in Orange County/
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Kudos to KUCI and Subversity

October 13, 2008

OC Weekly, in its “Best of OC” edition (10-16 October 2008, p.25), has named KUCI as the best radio station. It cites this program, Subversity, as well as Privacy Piracy, another KUCI public affairs program, in its description. Excerpt: “And God bless KUCI for being one of the more interesting college radio stations in the country. Boasting an eclectic programming schedule, KUCI will satisfy your jones for talk and music, with long-running programs such as Dan Tsang’s Subversity and Mari Frank’s Privacy Piracy butting up against a frequently alternating schedule of student-programmed music shows.” URL: